Sky Scraper Pictures

Take the long way around

Do you know what I like about photography? It allows me to stop and look at the small details in this crazy life. Instead of trying to rush from point a to point b without a thought of what could be found in between, I look closely at all the small paths that are crossing my main road.

Sometimes when you look at those roads what you will find can be pretty interesting even when it doesn’t look like much is there. I took a small after work trip to a local park, Alley Pond Park, to unwind and just enjoy the start of what finally feels like fall in NYC. As always I took my camera and tried to look for those shots that didn’t seem obvious at first.

I’m never sure if what got in my camera is good till I get home but it’s built on hope that I’ll capture a bit of magic at that moment. However it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I’ll get a picture and the only one that likes it is me. Yet that’s all that matters in the end. A small trip to a local park with pictures that only me will love.

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