Governors island with boats

And if I had a boat

I’d go out on the ocean

And if I had a pony

I’d ride him on my boat

And we could all together

Go out on the ocean

I said me upon my pony on my boat

If I had a boat – Lyle Lovett

I recently went to Governors Island for the first time and had a blast exploring all the island had to offer on what felt like the last day of summer. I walked around and tried my best to take in the past of this once military base and walked amount the newer parts of the island.

As I walked around I started on the outside of the island and walked around the edge and looked back towards the land and water and caught signs that this was a great day to be outside.

Life upon the water can be fast or it can be slow. For some the day was racing around the island as fast as their boat could take them. For others it was a nice sunny day meant for drinks with friends.

I walked and I sat and I looked at the life others had and yeah maybe life on a boat would be something but life on this island was just as good at that moment.

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