People on an island

A trip to governors island lead to many great adventures. As always I spent some time looking at not only the buildings, plants and water, but also at the people on a sunny Sunday.

I sometimes find that when people don’t look that they can really surprise you with what they do. Moments of every day actions can be moments caught that tell a story. Was the young mother having a rough day? Was she tired? Did she feel blessed? So many things could be taken from the look on her face.

Here a family takes a picture while a woman sits in her wheelchair. Two different set of emotions can be found here. Did one feel guilty? Did one try to remember the days when she didn’t rely on others?

This coupe wasn’t happy. I was leaning against a fence waiting for a boat to pass by when the young coupe walked by me. Her feelings were all over her face. Someone had done something wrong. I turned around after they passed a bit and took this shot. They still were not happy, it’s all in body language.

As I walked around the island I kept passing these two young women on their bikes. They were laughing and having a good time. I tried to capture that emotion a few times and just couldn’t get it. Finally I took the above picture and it wasn’t till I was back home did I see what I got. They were both looking at something off image that we as the viewer can’t of course see. What was there? Sometimes it’s not always best to know the answer to every question.

A family waits to get off the ferry to enjoy some time on the island. Masks on and ready for a good time. I loved the young girl because her wonder as she saw the dock was priceless.

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