Letchworth Village

It’s that time again, when the summer air starts to cool off and the bright days slowly start to turn dark. Darkness starts to creep into our lives as winter is slowly moving into our lives. However before winter comes, we have fall and fall means Halloween. That time of the year when all that scares us comes out from the shadows.

So the day took me to Letchworth Village which is RockLand County in New York State. Opened in 1911 as a residential institution, it had a long history as a place that helped many and also left a dark mark on the lives of those who were treated.

It was closed in 1996 and instead of it being just torn down and reused for other uses, some of it has stayed up and you can walk around the buildings that are still standing. Many look like they were closed just yesterday, not some 25 years ago.

There was a lot of poison ivy growing so do be careful if you walk around. Also be careful of whatever spirits wonder if the dark because like I said, this place had a dark past.

Graffiti is all over the place with many having dark comical warnings of things wanting to get out. I’m not sure if I would recommend it as a place to take a date on or a Sunday picnic but then again, it might seal the deal with that partner your with.

25 years is enough time for Mother Nature to start to take back the buildings. This tree branch had wrapped its way around this rail.

So yeah, maybe you don’t believe in ghost stories but maybe you haven’t haven’t been to a place where ghosts can leave their mark yet.

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