Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge

41 is cold for October, at least for me it was. Look I know that for a lot of people that might sound about right for this time of year but as someone who grew up in Southern California and then spent a decade in South Texas, 41 is cold. But here I am in Poughkeepsie on a bright and sunny Sunday morning to walk the Walkway Over the Hudson. The walkway crosses the Hudson River to give many great views of the river, the river and this bridge named after the departed president.

From the walkway you get a very clear look at the Mid-Hudson Bridge which connects Poughkeepsie to Highland New York. It’s an ok bridge for one that opened on August 25, 1930.

On the morning that I went not only was I cold but so was the water. Ice sheets could be seen at 8am when I first got there. By the time I was done an hour later the ice was gone but for the short time they made for some interesting shapes in the water.

Traffic was light as I looked upon the bridge and when I crossed over it later in the day but from what I read it can be a nightmare during rush hour. Here two truck look like they are about to crash.

After 90 years in service there is much talk about getting it replaced and honestly, it should be. While it has some nice classic bridge looks to it, it has such a drab 1930’s look to it.

Another thing that was on full display that morning was the wind. Here the wind made small little wind gusts on the water that almost looked like mini clouds dancing just over the water. With the reflection of the clouds above it really gave a distorted look that added to the ho-hum look of the bridge.

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