Times Square at night

The world is a different place at night once the lights come on. Well I guess the lights never go down in Times Square but somehow they seem brighter and more lonely.

I went on a Friday night after work just getting there with some light to be able to catch the tourists flocking to the lights. I walked around stopping at different intersections to catch the crowds as they walked by. It was locals and people coming from far away. First timers and people who worked the crowds for money. I walked and I looked at the people, looking for a reason as to why they were drawn to the lights of Broadway.

A coupe out enjoying the night. Where did they go after this?

It’s a popular thing to stand on Broadway and have your picture taken with all the lights and action behind you. Most people that I saw take this picture stood with some pose that was crazy or silly. This young man just stood there with all the craziness happening around him and seemed to just stare off into the distance.

Do the mask ruin a picture or they add a touch of bad ass to them?

This woman was part of a group that took their turns taking pictures with Broadway behind them. One by one they did the pose of hands in the air or some failing sexual stance. Then this woman just stood there unsure of what to do and she didn’t do anything.

As Mick Jagger sang once, we all need someone to lean on.

No this young man isn’t getting arrested or anything strange. Instead he is just mere moments from having someone run up from behind him and flip over him.

That sign says it all, welcome back. Welcome back to what makes Times Square both the crossroads of the world and the place that New Yorkers wish would burn straight to hell.

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