Central Park, the people’s park

Is there a better park then Central Park? I’m sure there is but I haven’t to it so maybe it doesn’t exist. But every park is different and every park has something to offer. But most parks aren’t Central Park. This isn’t a collection of pictures of one trip but of a few different ones.

A model poses and all we get are her feet. What does the rest look like? The photographer and an older women get to see the models face but we are out of luck it seems.

There are a lot and I mean a lot of statues in and around Central Park and yet until 2020 none had been for real women. Well here are three women who changed the world, we need more like this. Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are the women before you.

A close up to rock in black and white. Well this doesn’t seem like such a grand thing to take a picture of. Expect till you find out that this rock bares witness to the last ice age that formed many of features of the land today. The lines were made as the ice went over the land. Lines older then written history.

Just a little path that doesn’t go on forever. There was no noise of the cars even with a major street less then 50 feet away. It was the kind of path that went along side another more traveled road but this one took you with more to see.

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