Robert Moses

Long before I ever thought of moving to New York, I was a kid growing up in sunny Southern California. I would read all kinds of things because I didn’t really have much to do. I didn’t do well in making friends and I wasn’t allowed to do much. So books was my way out. The more I read, the more deeper I would go down some paths not mean for a young kid. Now I’m not talking about dirty stuff but about stuff on a different level. Books meant for a different audience.

One of those books was The Power Broker by Robert Caro. If there was ever a book not meant for a 12 year, this book would be it. I was sucked into it and made it my mission to some day visit the areas that Moses misused and built up. I wanted to see how one non elected man could make such an impact on a city.

Now I live here and I can tell you that 12 year old me would not have believed any of this. Sure it took me 30 years to make my way here but here I am. I happened to get a chance to go see old bob, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. For a man who did so much, I sorta expected something more grand.

I don’t admire Moses on any level but he is a figure that has left me curious for most of my life. How and the why did he do what he did never made sense to me. You built this great parkways to great beaches and then turn around and try to crush neighborhoods because they are in the way of your parkways. Who was he really building these roads for? He built parks and then built pools that were only for some.

I cross the bridges and I see the need for them but I also see and think about what we lost. Cities all across this country had men like Moses, the future was coming and there was no time for the little man to get in the way.

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