Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence

Ah stained glass, what a glorious item to photograph. When displayed right, like it is here at The Met Cloisters, you get some great colors that really bring the detail in the glass out. I’m not the most righteous person in the world but one of my favorite items to see in person is religious stained glass.

Now this one that I shot at The Cloisters is of Saint Lawrence. Does the name sorta sound familiar? Well even if it doesn’t let me give you a super short run down on who he was.

Lawrence was a deacon in Rome when he was burned alive. You see Lawrence was in charge of the money for the church and after the pope was sacked, the romans wanted Lawrence to turn over the riches that the church had. Lawrence asked for three days to get the money together but instead started to give it all away. When it came time to hand over he instead showed up with the poor and said something along the lines of, these people are what makes the church rich and well be richer then your emperor will ever know. Well that didn’t go well and he got the fire treatment.

Great bedtime story right? Well that’s what who this guy above is. He’s got some places named after him. But the amazing thing about the stained glass above is that the head isn’t of Saint Lawrence but of someone else, probably added at a much later time.

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