People at the Museum of Modern Art

Taking the picture of people when they are not looking can be a hard thing to do. You have to time the shot just right. Sometimes all you get is less then a second to decide if the shot is worth it. Think too long about it and people will move. But what do I look for and how do I know if someone is worth that second? Well I don’t at all at that moment. It’s not till I get home that I see what I have. Was the person in focus? Was the subject interesting? Did it tell a story? Sometimes it takes days, weeks or even months before I notice if the shot was what I wanted.

I went to Museum of Modern Art on a Sunday afternoon to look at the art work and the people. It was more packed then I would have liked during this COVID times we ate in but that also meant that I had more subjects to pick from. I don’t like getting in peoples space so I shoot from a distance. It’s best to allow people to lead you to a shot then to try to force them into the one you want.

A coupe

Was this a date? Or maybe good friends out to see some world class art? He was wrapped up in the art in front of them but she wasn’t. I liked how stiff he was. Maybe he was nervous.

Side by side

Side by side. These two went from piece to piece and just took in what was in front of them in silence. Sometimes you need someone to try to talk your way thru what’s in front of you and sometimes words don’t need to be said.

A phone always in hand

Sometimes you gotta take a break from all the art and see how the outside world is going.

In the detail

This is a good example of a what I mean by not knowing what you got at the moment. I snapped this shot along with a few others very quickly because the line to see The Starry Nights just kept on going. As people would stand in front of it they would linger for a moment blocking the view. Snap. People moved. Snap. Sometimes I didn’t stop long to see what I took, I just got ready for the next shot.

I got home and saw what I what I had, and the joy was great. It’s moments when you capture a great moment that really makes you happy. I don’t need to explain this picture, but I often think when I see this display of love how sad it is that in many places this would need to be hidden away.

Art with a mask

Sometimes a story can’t be told but you can try to imagine how someone was feeling. I’m sure this older lady just wanted to rip of the masks and just breathe like normal. I know I did.

The mask goes with every outfit
The wall of orange
Man standing
Friends in lines

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