Real World Sculptures by Tom Otterness

New York City is the kind of town where art is all over the place. From Manhattan to queens to Brooklyn, art is crammed into every corner of the city. Walking the streets can be an interesting trip at times because sometimes you never know what you will find. On a recent walk in lower Manhattan I came upon a small park that had art that was both stunning and puzzling. How did so much art find it’s way to this small park and what was its meaning. As you can see from the pictures this isn’t your every day street art.

So what is this art? These are mostly small sculptures, and by small I mean small as most are no bigger then the normal sized hand. They were made by artist Tom Otterness. The style is very cartoonish that creeps into class and life struggles. The name of the art is named The Real World and it was installed at New York City’s Nelson Rockefeller Park in 1992.

I took many pictures that day as I walked around to admire the small people as they struggled with money, power and life. I was the only one there on the cold Sunday morning since the 39 degree weather kept most people inside. The art is all over the place, with some sculptures on benches, walls and on the floor. I had get down on my knees to get close to this penny as it was being rolled away.

I felt as if I was being watched. Little people peering back at me, every step I took being noticed. Who was this man in their world. What was my intention in their land? Questions going back and forth.

Be careful of what’s behind you.

And yeah just relax away while your dong is just out for the world to see. Not your ordinary art in a place where kids will play. But that’s what I loved about this, it wasn’t an ordinary exercise into art but something deeper even when the idea of happiness was on the face of the sculptures.

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