The Berlin Wall in New York City

There are or were a few different place in the city that you can see parts of the Berlin Wall in New York City. Some are hard to get to, like the part at United Nations Garden. Others are in storage, like what was at 520 Madison Avenue. But if you want easy to find and free, and I say free because the Ripley’s believe it not has a part, then this slab at The Kowsky Plaza is your best bet if you want to see it.

So I went on a cold Sunday morning, I didn’t expect many people if any. Besides a cleaning crew cleaning up the area there wasn’t anyone else around. I looked around and found it sorta odd and yet at home. Here was an object that was put up to keep people in East Germany. Now in the home of freedom loving America, and we can argue about how much that is, it’s still more free then it’s old home. Yet, as I look upon the green wall, it reminded me that this wall isn’t the only wall that people are trying to put up these days. It was an odd and cold day and I moved along in my busy day.

After I had gotten home and thought about it, I wondered how many people even knew that this part of the wall was even in the city. Not many and those who I asked, almost none had seen it. And so I checked off my list of things I have seen and will now go to the believe it or not attraction to see some more.

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