I 6M STIL7 ALIV3 by Mircea Cantor

This art which was made by Romanian born artist Mircea Cantor. Yes, this is art I promise you. You can find it at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I happened to stumble upon this work on a recent visit and couldn’t stop thinking about its meaning for days after. Does it have meaning? I kept looking back at it and was puzzled because at first I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be feeling. And as the days drew out I came to understand that I wasn’t supposed to feel anything. Once that notion was lifted from me I was able to just enjoy it, and I sure have.

Art doesn’t have to have deep meanings and even when they do, that doesn’t mean that we need to always have that meaning on our minds. I try to enjoy art on a simple level, trying to have it it please my mind. I enjoy this piece even if I’m still puzzled for why it’s painted directly to the wall.

One thought on “I 6M STIL7 ALIV3 by Mircea Cantor

  1. Have you seen this girl? Stenciled in bright red paint, “I 6M STIL7 ALIV3” by Mircea Cantor features the silhouette of Japanese Manga character Annlee. In 1999, artists Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe purchased the rights to Annlee in order to save her character from being retired by the Manga industry. As part of their rescue mission, Hyughe and Parreno invited a number of other artists to use Annlee in their own artworks, in a project called “No Ghost Just a Shell.” Here, Cantor not only declares Annlee’s vitality and independence from her previous Manga life, but also comments on the lifespan of art objects in a Museum setting. By spray painting Annlee directly onto the gallery wall, she can never be de-installed, only destroyed, highlighting the precariousness of her new life as a stencil on the wall.


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