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I 6M STIL7 ALIV3 by Mircea Cantor

This art which was made by Romanian born artist Mircea Cantor. Yes, this is art I promise you. You can find it at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I happened to stumble upon this work on a recent visit and couldn’t stop thinking about its meaning for days after. Does it have meaning? I kept looking back at it and was puzzled because at first I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be feeling. And as the days drew out I came to understand that I wasn’t supposed to feel anything. Once that notion was lifted from me I was able to just enjoy it, and I sure have.

Art doesn’t have to have deep meanings and even when they do, that doesn’t mean that we need to always have that meaning on our minds. I try to enjoy art on a simple level, trying to have it it please my mind. I enjoy this piece even if I’m still puzzled for why it’s painted directly to the wall.

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