Next Exit: St. Mary’s St. San Antonio Texas

12 long years. 11 years longer then we had wanted but finally I was on my way out. You are now gone but I still carry our dream. The dream of going to a new place, to live the life of travel. Of I went without you, but you are still in my heart.

The above picture for those who have not had the chance to visit the Alamo city is going on Interstate 35 going north just as you are going to exit at St. Mary’s. It was an exit I took many times over the years when I lived in San Antonio. The street which runs thru much of the city can take you from Brackenridge Park north of the city to just south of downtown in Southtown. You wont see much along the way, no high living or downtrodden people living on the edge of the world. Instead like much of America, its endless hotels, highways and gas stations.

When I think back at my time in San Antonio, I think about how St. Mary’s was where so many clubs were located, where you could find the Riverwalk and where you could find the Zoo at. All things I had many stories connected to and all which seemed like a lifetime ago

I came to San Antonio with a dream and a promise that we would blow this town in time and 12 years later one of us finally left, 12 years later one of got out. I still remember driving that road with you and I also remember standing on its edge once you were gone.

Next exit: St. Mary’s and its twisting and confusing changes.

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