Queens Museum

The Queens Museum sits in a building that was once the United Nations headquarters. It’s a grand building that has seen better days. On a recent trip I got reminded that while there are a few interesting things to see, the show stopper is still the panoramic of the city of New York. It is unlike anything that you will find anywhere of any other city in the United States. It was created for the 1964 World’s Fair, it took almost 3 years and over 100 people to make. It was updated a few times over the years but there are many buildings that are no longer with us and sections that have really changed over the years. Slowly there are changes made to try to keep the look of the city modern while still look at the past, like with the World Trade Center. It is not hard to see whole neighborhoods and streets to find where in this city you live in. I took dozens of pictures but want to highlights parts of the city that I like and dislike. On a quick note, if you would like to visit the museum yourself, its located at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

There are many cities with more bridges then NYC, but very few cities have bridges that are as famous as the ones that you find here. Most are falling apart but easy to cross and some are in the middle of being updated so that they can handle all the traffic that crosses it. I have traveled across all the bridges in my short time here and I can tell you one thing, this bridge sucks. You get to pay the toll to try and cross what is the busiest bridge in the world. Over the few dozen trips I have made on, every single trip was made with none stop traffic that made crossing the GWB in the 20 minute plus mark. It is awful.

One of my favorite places in the city wonder around is Midtown. With it’s tall buildings and plenty of landmarks, I am always able to find something new to see and do, even in the Covid-19 days that we live in. Lower Central Park is also near by and I never pass up a trip in this famous park.

Tourist traps are all over the city and yeah many are never worth your time, but there are some that are worth your time. While it is pricy so it’s not something you want to do every day, once in a while it’s not a bad thing to do. A trip up this grand building to look out at the city is a beautiful experience that has to be done at both day and at night. Sunset here is just a stunner. There might be taller observatory decks in the city, none match the history that the Empire State Building has.

Lower Manhattan is where the city and some say America really started. You can be lost for days trying to see this part of the city has to offer.

The gem of the city, while not open year round, this is the one place that not enough locals and tourists visit. With plenty of space to move around in and explore, it has a little of everything for everyone. I made two trips in my first summer/fall and expect next year to make even more.

I happen to live in Queens and so this park is my back yard. On any normal day it is an easy 20 minutes away but let even the smallest traffic creep and that turns into 45 or more minutes. The park is in need of a major facelift to keep it from falling apart.

Sports are a big deal here and no team rules the city like the Yankees. Located in The Bronx, an area that doesn’t get enough love, it is easy to get to and a great place to watch a game at.

Some places on the panoramic are no longer there, this is the best example of it. While it would make sense to update it, I am not sure that it should be.

Much like a lot of things in the city, this bridge has a lot of good and bad to it. It can be a headache crossing it and it is not cheap. After they take your money you could have an easy trip or one full of traffic. Now while crossing the bridge isn’t a favorite of mine, getting to see the bridge and walking along the parks that line both sides of the span is an all time favorite. It just has a look that is classic.

I can not say if going to the Queens Museum is worth your time. I spent a good hour inside of it and since it was free when I went, I enjoyed it. There are of course better museums in the city but dont dismiss this gem in the park.

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