Happy late birthday…I’m sorry your gone

November has it’s cold days. The days seem to always be getting colder and we huddle from the wind that comes from the north. Expect this year so far was been mostly on the warmer end of things. We keep waiting for snow to fall and instead we had a warm weekend in New York City.

I moved to the city this past summer and I kept hearing was that it would be cold and be prepared. But other then a few days here and there it has been a mostly un-normal fall. Maybe winter is saving all it’s energy for one last bang at the end of the year, fitting for 2020. Maybe this is just another sign that we are slowly killing the planet with our man made ways. Who know but a high of 61 in almost mid November is not cold.

So what does this have to do with birthdays? I’m a pretty private person, I give people just enough information about myself so that they know I am a real person but not enough to know what hides in those dark corners of my soul.

I was not there the day the above picture was taken. It was not taken on a cold winter day but instead on a warm march day in Corpus Christi in Texas. It was the feet that caused so much pain and suffering in the year before it had been taken and these feet would be at the center of even more pain in the weeks after it was taken.

She is gone. Taken too early in life and I do miss her. We started with so much promise and when it was done, so much had been taken away. I hung on for another 10 years in Texas but I too soon was gone. I had to move on and try my best to live my life and look for that dream that we both wanted.

It is a not so cold day here in New York City as I write this and I think about her and the warmth of the water hitting her feet, I think to the pain that came and still linger deep inside.

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