Gnome Chomsky. Kerhonkson, New York

So there I was driving along Route 209 in what I was sure was the middle of nowhere in the middle of New York State when this giant figure came along and I had to stop. This my friends is the world’s third largest garden gnome and it is a thing of beauty. Now when this lovely gnome first appeared in 2007 it was the largest of it’s kind but now it has been passed up.

No you can’t take him for a joyride but you can stand between his legs so you got that option. If you go during the warmer months there is a miniature golf course near by that you can play.

The 13.5 foot tall gnome was made by New York City artist Maria Reidelbach. If you want to visit the two bigger ones, a 15 foot one is in Iowa and the tallest, at 18 feet, is in Poland. However 13.5 feet is nothing to sneeze at, when you stand right up to it, it casts a pretty big shadow.

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