Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

New York City is well known for many different types of food. From Bagels to pizza to Cheesecake, New York City is the center of many different types of food. Sure there are places that do all these foods maybe as good but most of those cities are known for just one food. It is hard to find a place that will throw out at you so many different types, all within a few minutes of each other. But that’s what you will find here. It is food heaven and gaining a few pounds is so easy that it happens without much thought.

So with this being the kingdom of food, at least here in the US, I am here to tell you that the king is the hot dog. Yes other places do dogs well but no where will you get as many different types as here in NYC. And the holy site is here at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs in Coney Island. Sure you can find them in your grocery stores and hell hot dogs were not invented here but still is it, holy ground for meat in a bun.

So why is it important and should you visit the original stand on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Ave? So the the first stand started back in 1916 in Coney Island, it was started by the husband and wife team of Nathan and Ida Handwerker. Selling the dogs for five cents, it took off like a rocket and now can be found all over the world. But it is not the fact that it has been around so long that makes it important, it is the hot dog eating contest that does that. Held every year, even in our crazy pandemic year, since the early 70’s on the 4th of July with crowds as large as 50,000 out to watch.

Hot dogs and Nathan’s are so connected with each other that while people in other cities, like Chicago or Los Angles, have local favorites, what sets Nathan’s apart is that it is known world wide.

Now as for food goes, in my opinion, they are not the best. I know you were expected for me to say that they were the best i have ever had, that goes to Pink’s in Los Angles, but they are not that great. And yet as not great as they are, I still go out of my way to stop by at least once a month to have a few dogs and cheese fries here. There is just something about stopping by, with so much history around you and having a bite here. In the summer months people will line up to the first ones in the door and the line never stops. In the winter, a hot dog hits the spot in a way very few foods can.

Two dogs with mustard is my normal order and it just makes me happy. The service is always fast and the food goes into my tummy even faster. Yeah if your coming to New York City and you don’t eat here, you have not had the full experience. Just don’t expect the greatest dogs ever, but that doesn’t matter at all because it’s history and the great Coney Island that you go for. And cheese fries, you go for those too.

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