The trail of tears

…and justice for all. Besides being the name of one of the best Trash Metal albums by Metallica, it is the words that we all as a nation are supposed to believe in. That we will get our fair shake when wrong is done by us or to us. However unless you happen to have your head in the ground, then you know that justice is a word that gets used without much meaning in this country. People scream that they want justice for wrongs done to them, they scream at the top of their lungs, all without very little change done.

On a recent trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art, I came upon this artwork that reminds me that the fight for justice has been ongoing for a long time. So long that we often forget the crimes that were done in the past. And no crime is greater then what we did against the native population of North America.

The artwork above is called “Trail of Tears”, and it’s by Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds. It’s a reminder that we have long ago done crimes and asked for justice and yet the silence that we heard once is the same silence that those now fighting will hear again. We talk about change but what change have we gotten?

We took our word back as a country on people here before those from Europe came, we took their land and then made them March hundreds of miles to a waste land in Oklahoma. The story is the kind that America loves to hide and pretend it didn’t happen. Long ago we knew it was wrong and yet we keep denying the justice they deserve. Hell it took outcry just to change the name of a simple football team.

Justice is a word that you will hear a lot these days but ask yourself, are they asking for too much? Is it too much to be treated as humans and not by a color different then yours? Is justice a word we can apply not only to the wrongs of today but also to the wrongs of the past, because it’s never too late to do the right thing.

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