Why we travel

Why we head off into the world

Dead and gone. Yeah, it’s going to happen to us all. There will come a day when we will not be here anymore. What our eyes see will be but a distant memory that no one will ever know about. Our pain, joy, excitement, and love will be forgotten and we will be but one of the billions that have walked this earth. Someday we will all be gone and there is no guarantee that after this life, another one is waiting for us. All that we see, places we wonder upon, the trinkets we collect, and the candles we blow out upon our cakes will be lost to time. It is a harsh truth that we all will face because someday we will be gone.

On the long road of life, we travel sometimes with just shadows to keep us company.

So off we go, into the world trying to capture enough of it with our lens or our own eyes. We snap away and record those amazing experiences, boldly trying to leave our mark, shouting that we were here. We don’t want to be just a number in the history of the world, we want to be people who walked and felt the world around them. Hear me roar to the skies. 

We travel, be it into our small towns, the country next door, or even down the street to the girl you love. Whatever sight that you love to see, you travel to get there. We travel to see the wonder of the earth or to see what we have as humankind made with our own hands. We travel and for just a moment, we are alive. Truly alive, alive in the steps of all those that came before us. We wonder as those early humans did, mouths open, jaws slacked and eyes trying to make sense of all that we see. At that moment, all we know is forgotten and all we need to know is before us.

In the beauty of this planet, we search for places that we have never seen.

I have no idea why you travel but I think you might travel for the same reasons that I do, even if you do not know it. Yes, I want the world to know that I was here but my reason to travel is also a deeper one that can be hard to explain. I am not a man of God nor am I someone who can easily dismiss all that I can not explain. 

I am not sure if there is a world after this one, this might be really the end of us. It would be nice if there was more. That the last time, we say goodbye won’t truly be goodbye forever. But I have no proof one way or another as to what will happen next and so I deal with what I do have control over, the now. If this is truly it, then I want to make the most of it. I want to leave my mark and say that I was here. And so I travel and take in the beauty of the world. I feed my soul, whatever that might be, and I breathe in the air of this life. If there is nothing more to come, well then I have done the best with what I was given. However even if there is more to come, I want to be in the sky playing my harp looking down on this world and I want to remember those experiences, those moments when I was alive and in awe of this world.

Sometimes we travel to the small things.

Well maybe we won’t be playing the harp on a cloud but if the moment comes and my marker says, what did you do with my gifts? I want to be able to say, I walked among your treasures and took the life you gave me and I did my best to enjoy it.

We all have different reasons for why we travel. Some might be like mine and others might be simpler than the notions swimming around in my head. Whatever those reasons might be, we travel and we go into the world, one more trip around the sun.

Onwards we go.

All pictures were taken by me.