A new writing home

For anyone who is reading this, I have a new home for writing. It is called the Lonesome Jubilee. It’s title comes from the idea that this life is a lonely celebration. I will slowly move over all my older posts from here to the new one with updated ideas. You can still come to this one to see some brilliant pictures and adventures that I have been on.

You can find it here.

I made the change so I can go back to what this page should be, a home for my photography. The new page will allow me to expand on the type of subjects that I can write about. I can write about the things that I have passion about like, current events, music, movies and food. Ill still talk about travel and photography, but there is more in my mind than just those two topics. As I have gotten older, the more important it has become to me, I need to expand my creative side.

So please if you would like to read more of what I got to say and help support a new writer, then click on the link above and follow me at https://lonesomejubilee.substack.com/

So please come find me at my new home, subscribe and let me know how I am doing.

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